Our Process

The most successful telemarketing projects are based on simple, proven methodology. Our process is derived from the classic quality management models and the concept of plan-do-check-act.

telemarketing outsourcing process

Goal Setting

At the heart of any business decision is the target return on investment (ROI). Your telemarketing effort should be no different. Sometimes specific sales levels are the goal. Other times it is about creating more leads and filling the pipeline. Some companies use telemarketing to effectively improve their market awareness.

Sometimes you will hear outsourced telemarketing firms tout how many calls per hour they can make — it’s too bad your revenue isn’t tied to how fast they make their calls. We focus on making connections with your target customer. If that takes 3 minutes or 15 minutes, we would never rush through a call at the risk of losing an opportunity for you.

Whatever your goal, make it simple and measurable and your telemarketing effort will get off on the right foot.

Project Set-up

Pulling together your existing sales and marketing materials is the first step. This will help educate the calling team on your brand, your value proposition and your message. We then work with you to develop the call and voice mail scripts and do several “dry runs” to get the message correct. This also includes scripting responses to the most common objections in the sales process. Setting up a simple customer relationship management (CRM) system (or using yours) also happens in this set-up phase. Finally, the list of contacts needs to be developed (or refined). Typically, the more targeted your list, the better the results.

The more of this you have ready before starting the project, the faster we complete this phase and get to the calling.


Once all the information and data is in place, the team will begin the calling effort. The first couple of days are “warm up” days that allow for the team to get comfortable with both the script and the target audience. We often see an increase in both speed and success after a few days.

Reporting Results

As the client, you want to know how things are progressing — not just the end result. By monitoring the CRM system, you can see real-time the progress being made and how the target audience is responding. As mentioned earlier, this is not just about how many calls can be made in an hour. It is about making connections and meeting your goals for the project.

Determine Next Steps

After the calling is complete and we review the results together, you make the call as to what the next steps are. Did you meet your goals? Did you have the right targets to begin with? Is the ROI such that you want to continue the calling effort in its current form? You, as the client, are in control of what happens next.

If you choose to move forward with additional calling campaigns, then the loop starts over with new goals and a revised process to achieve those targets.

If you are interested in learning more, you can call us at 800-804-3970 or complete our telemarketing opportunity request form.