Outbound Telemarketing Your Secret Sales Weapon

telemarketing outsourcingWhen you are aiming for leads, outbound telemarketing can be a great secret weapon for your company.

You have many options in your sales efforts, but there is a top-secret sales weapon that many sales pros are reluctant to discuss.  Truly successful companies know what having more leads in the pipeline means to growing a business in tough times.

How do they do it?  What’s their secret?  Is there a magic bullet?

It’s time to take aim at those naysayers who have decided that the traditional sales approaches just don’t work. There are good reasons that outbound telemarketing has been used successfully for so many years.

Keep in mind, all telemarketing groups are not created equal. When targeting your prospects, you want to be sure that the sales group you are using matches your organization’s level of professionalism.  When it comes to contacting prospects, this isn’t target practice … this is the real thing!

You want to be sure your telemarketing partner is a team player that represents your firm in a professional manner.  Here are 5 key areas that you want to look at when evaluating an outbound telemarketing service provider.

1. Are the operators easy to understand?

Many outbound telemarketing firms will outsource their talent and staff overseas.  Because the cost of labor is less expensive, and because staffing is one of the greatest expenses, this does help to contain costs. But be aware, the low cost leader may not be a real bargain.

Some of your prospects won’t be receptive to a strong accent, especially if it does not sound as though the call is originating from  your company.  The tone of the call within the first few moments is a reflection of your brand, and it may not be the best decision to go with the cheapest provider because it will cost you sales in the end.  Ask to speak directly with the operators.  Ask for client references and ask the clients what their experience has been.

2.     Is outbound telemarketing their primary business?

Some telemarketing agencies wear many hats.  To be sure that they are qualified as telephone marketers, you’ll want to know what other functions their staff may have.  If the outbound callers are performing multiple tasks, that could potentially mean that the outbound campaing is not the top priority. What you are looking for are top performers with the ability to focus on your campaign and get results.

3.    Can they provide references for the services?

Are they on target when it comes to serving their existing accounts?  You will find when you ask business owners for their opinion, they will typically paint a pretty clear picture.  And even the best accounts will have some dirt to share.  Prepare your list of questions in advance and have a very pointed discussion when you inquire about the service provider.  How do they measure success? Is the provider an trusted partner for them?  How many calls per day do they seem to average?  How effective have they been in fulfilling the requirement?

4.    Do they add value to your situation?

A great telemarketing partner has experience that will add value to your initiative.  They will serve as a source of information and ideas and instead of just following your direction. They should be making suggestions about structuring the script and best times to call based on your target audience. Beware if you are the only one talking and they are not sharing ideas.  It’s great to have a provider who responds to your requests, but it’s even better to have a partner who responds and adds value.

5. What reporting do they provide and how do they track their associates?

How often you get reports and the type of information contained in these reports may be critical for determinating return on investment for the program.  If you are getting sporadic and spotty info, it could hinder the ability for you to measure the campaign effectiveness. Ask the partner for samples of reports they have provided for other clients.

Whether you are gunning for leads or aiming to create a big bang with your marketing dollars, outbound telemarketing could be the secret weapon to your sales growth.

To learn more about using this sales weapon, simply request a telemarketing opportunity review.