Lead Generation Using B2B Telemarketing

telemarketing outsourcingLead generation is difficult for most companies, and in a struggling economy, most companies will agree that qualified leads are harder to come by.  If you have a sales force ready to go on appointments, then a pre-qualified list of prospects is crucial.

How does a company go about lead generation when budgets are tight, and prospects are not actively looking for new products and services.

The answer may only be a phone call away – through telemarketing outsourcing.

Lead generation using business to business (B2B) telemarketing is a tried and true component of an effective sales strategy.  You can wait for lead to come in, or you can proactively create a lead generation program using outsourced telemarketing.

Where to begin?

  1. A good database.  To create this list, it’s always a good idea to take a look at your existing customer base and create a profile of your most successful relationships.  Consider the size of the company, type of organization, vertical market and the company objectives, and then create a list of companies that may have similar goals.  By duplicating your successes, you are creating valuable leverage in your sales process.
  2. Ongoing cold calls to warm prospects.    Of course you can have your internal sales team doing outbound cold calls, but a more efficient and surprisingly cost-effective approach may be to outsource lead generation to an outside B2B telemarketing group. As specialists, an outsourced telemarketing company can plow through the rejection that may hinder your sales team and continue to tirelessly work through a list of outbound calls.  The result is lead generation for your inside sales team.
  3. Create a script.  Many of these outside organizations have the ability to work on a script that you supply, and they are expert at getting through the gatekeeper to get an appointment.  Based upon the script, you can assure that the leads that are handed off are pre-qualified to meet your criteria.
  4. Goals and strategies. What is the goal for your telemarketing outsourcing project? Do you need them to close a sale on the phone or set an appointment for your sales team? Be realistic in your outcome expectations and you will be more likely to hit your goals. Demand too much and no one wins.
  5. Nurture your prospects.  B2B telemarketing can also be the answer for lead nurturing, especially if your sales process is long and the prospect may not be ready to engage.  Having a lead nurturing program can keep a relationship open and continue the dialogue while the prospect is evaluating options.
  6. Make calls with a purpose. Be sure to share with the telemarketing company what the goal of the call is.  If the call is to generate leads, be clear with regard to what represents a qualified lead. The more clear you are up front, the fewer surprises you will find later in the process.
  7. Set up a solid communication system. Be sure that the level of communication between your telemarketing team and your team is open.  If you utilize a CMS such as Salesforce, Goldmine, Sugar CRM or ACT, make a decision before you engage with telemarketing what you want the input to be with your CMS.  If you want all contacts noted, then you may have to interface with the IT department to assure that the telemarketing team has the ability to post information.

Bottom line, you can get a competitive advantage by using telemarketing lead generation, particularly in a downturned economy. With a strong B2B telemarketing effort, with appropriate scripts and expectations, the return on investment on your lead generation activities will be significant.

If your firm is looking for higher sales and needs help with appointment setting, simply request a telemarketing opportunity review.