How To Take Advantage of Telemarketing Sales Leads

b2b lead generationOnce you have a list of prospects from your telemarketing sales leads campaign, it’s up to you to close the sale. Taking the prospect through the entire buying cycle is not typically a function of telemarketing.

However, the telemarketing firm can do much of the lead warming before your sales team gets involved.  The goal is to have the telemarketing sales leads as pre-qualified as possible.

A key point is to make sure your sales team is involved in establishing the criteria and buys into what constitutes good telemarketing sales leads. The last thing you want is a sales team who views the new leads as lower priority.

For the calling campaign to be most effective, they must first have a profile of what a qualified customer would be.  Identifying what constitutes a good lead may include details such as:

  • Type of Industry
  • Size of Company
  • Department within the Company
  • Growth or Change within the Company
  • Typical Role or Position of Decision Maker

Using your customer base as an example will help to pinpoint the types of organizations  and the position within the organization that will make the best prospects for your telemarketing efforts.

To qualify the telemarketing sales leads, the team should be instructed to reach the decision maker.  Even getting through to the gate keeper could be acceptable if the telemarketer can determine that there is a need for the type of product or service that your company offers.

Telemarketing sales leads can be nurtured through the sales process but there are signals that the lead is ready to move forward and should be closed by the inside team:

  1. The prospect has asked about the price or the offer.
  2. He has requested a time frame for next steps.
  3. He has indicated that he is late in the purchasing cycle and that there is urgent need for the information.

These scenarios indicate that this prospect should be handed off to the inside sales team.  They are qualified as hot and should be proactively worked by your own sales team.

Especially in these instances, the goal of the internal sales team is to follow up quickly on the telemarketing sales leads and to qualify and close the sale without wasting time.

When the prospect is talking about price, that is a good sign, it means that they are serious and working through objections.  At this point, your internal sales team may need to close the gap that between the client’s budget and the price of the project or service. You should not leave this up to the outsourced telemarketing team.

If the telemarketer is unable to determine who the decision maker is, or has determined that the prospect is unlikely to move forward, this could be the result of an accurate assessment of the situation.  Before you retire that lead you may want to give it one more shot. Timing is everything. It may be that the prospect was simply not called at the right time.

If the telemarketing sales lead is marked as cool, it should be recycled to another agent to follow up after a reasonable amount of time.  Reasonable could be a week or a month, dependent upon the intensity of the first effort.  Sometimes, just having a different agent on the call could make the difference.  Cold leads should typically be followed up in about six months to see if the situation has changed.

Once a prospect has been labeled as a nonviable prospect by two telemarketing agents, the prospect should be retired.  Of course, that does not preclude resurrecting that lead at a later date.

To be most efficient, concentrate on the most viable low hanging fruit, and save remaining leads for a time when the lead development pipeline starts running dry.

If your firm is looking for higher sales and needs professional help with calling, simply request a telemarketing opportunity review.