How to Evaluate Outbound Telemarketing Services

b2b telemarketingSo you’ve decided to hire an outbound telemarketing service. Congratulations! You’re one step closer to building relationships, setting appointments, and best of all — closing sales with your clients.

But how do you evaluate a telemarketing service? Who can you trust with your brand? Your customers are going to associate the outbound telemarketers with your company, and will probably assume they are part of your company.

Handing that kind of power over to an outside firm requires a great deal of trust. But how do you know who you can trust? Well, it’s like any business–you do your due diligence. Here is how to evaluate an outbound telemarketing service.

  • Get some references: Would you hire a contractor you picked at random out of the phone book to remodel your house? Maybe, if you’re a wild risk-taker, but most people talk to colleagues, friends, family, getting recommendations and listening to respected opinions. Do the same for your business. If you can’t find a direct referral, when you start interviewing potential outbound telemarketing services, ask them for references, and call those references. Ask if they were satisfied with the outbound telemarketing services. Ask what went well, what went wrong, and what the telemarketing service did to fix it. Ask if they’d work with the same service again.
  • Ask tough questions: Remember—the outbound telemarketing service provider works for you, so don’t shy away from asking difficult questions. They’ll tell you more than you need to know about their successes. Ask them to tell you about engagements that went badly. What happened? Where did it go wrong? How did they remedy the situation? What did they learn from the experience? Nobody’s perfect, and most everybody’s had some kind of failure, but a quality telemarketing service is going to learn from each experience, and possibly more from the bad experiences than the good. Get them to bring that understanding to bear on your business.
  • Define clear goals: Make sure you and your outbound telemarketing service provider know what success looks like. As a business owner, you want to ensure a solid return on your investment—and you can’t evaluate that if you don’t know what you got out of it. It’s easy enough to see what you pay the outbound telemarketers; what metrics are you going to use to measure success? They’ll vary depending on your business, but the key is to know how you’ll measure the telemarketing service provider’s effectiveness, and to make sure they know it, too. Establish a concrete timeline for progress reports and performance reviews, and stick to it.

Outbound telemarketing can be an enormously valuable tool for the sales team, and hiring a professional service to handle it frees up your staff to focus on their core competencies. But picking and evaluating the right telemarketing service provider is critical.

To learn more about outbound telemarketing services, request a telemarketing opportunity review.