Customer Testimonials

It makes good business sense to outsource your telemarketing efforts as part of your growth strategy. It is a cost effective way to get leverage and grow your sales leads.

It is important to consider which firm is doing the calling on your behalf. Even though they are a contractor, in the eyes of your customers, they represent your firm. That is why all our call agents are here in the United States. They are experienced and professional and represent your company the way you want your firm and your brand represented.

What Others are Saying About Their Outsourced Telemarketing Experience

“Eileen has been a pleasure to work with. She has a ton of charisma and energy, welcoming new challenges with open arms. She took the time to learn about our business and went above and beyond to research our target market.”

- Angelina Sereno, President, Skybox Creative

“With the increased difficulty of ‘connecting’ business-to-business these days through mail and email, we needed an experienced and professional telemarketing service. We could not have made a better choice. You have done an outstanding job!”

-Dave Hubbard, Founder,

“We outsourced our telemarketing because we needed more leverage in our business. We wanted to let the top 100 potential customers know about our site and consider us a go-to resource. Mission accomplished!”

- David K., Publisher,