Business to Business Telemarketing Magic

b2b telemarketingWhen’s the last time an Internet banner advertisement asked how you were doing and waited to hear your response? How about an RSS feed? A company website?

Our increasingly digitized society has facilitated connectedness but maybe at the expense of real human connections. With the sheer volume and variety of advertising messages flooding the marketplace, personal phone calls stand out more today than ever.

If your company is engaged in business to business telemarketing, you already know that a personal phone call is a surefire way to engage with potential clients and makes your voice heard above the marketing chatter. If your company’s message is getting lost in the shuffle, the answer might just be a phone call away.

Want to create a little magic for your brand? Consider the following:

Engage and Respond: Not only are phone calls a refreshing break from the onslaught of digitized messages we receive every day, but a personal phone call also allows for real-time responsiveness. Anyone who has spent time on an automated telephone system or waited days to receive a return email knows the value of instant response. Your firm can take advantage of this. Telemarketing enables you to gauge your prospective client’s level of interest, and respond accordingly.

Be prepared: More than just a motto, it’s a fundamental element of business to business telemarketing. Make sure that your call center team members know who will be on the other end of the line. What industry are they in? What messages have they received about your company prior to this phone call? What outcomes does your company want from this conversation? Clarity is the key to setting the appointment or closing the sale.

Script the calls for success: When a telemarketer is on the phone with a prospective client, that telemarketer serves as a personal ambassador of your brand. You never want your brand to be misrepresented. Develop a script that conveys your key messages as clearly as possible. Create contingency scripts that detail responses to the most common questions and objectives that can arise in your business to business telemarketing effort.

Follow up with stale leads: If you have a stockpile of “stale” leads, take the time to warm up those stale leads. Unless proven otherwise, they have the same potential as a new lead, and the initial investment has already been made. If your follow-up telemarketing campaign generates a new sale from a lead that was previously considered “stale,” you’ve just achieved a solid return on investment.

A successful business to business telemarketing campaign doesn’t require a miracle — just a bit of magic. Once you’ve learned the tricks of the trade, you’ll be making stale leads vanish and sales appear.

To learn more about how business to business telemarketing can drive more sales, transform your bottom line and create a little magic for your business, simply request a Telemarketing Outsourcing Review.