Business Growth Articles

We have pulled together a collection of telemarketing outsourcing articles that help to educate businesspeople on both the value of telemarketing and required strategies to make it successful for your business.

How to Evaluate Outbound Telemarketing Services

So you’ve decided to hire an outbound telemarketing service. Now you are one step closer to building relationships, setting appointments, and best of all — closing more sales. But how do you evaluate an outsourced telemarketing firm? Your prospects are going to associate the telemarketing callers with your company, and will probably assume they are part of your company. Can you trust them with your brand?

7 Keys to Telemarketing Outsourcing

Telemarketing outsourcing can be tricky and if you don’t do it right, you will be disappointed in the results. How do set up the calling campaign to be successful from Day 1? Here is how to get the results you want and ensure the outsourced telemarketing firm represents your company’s value proposition in a way consistent with your brand.

Lead Generation Using B2B Telemarketing

Lead generation is difficult for many companies, especially in a tough economy. If you have a sales force ready to go on appointments, then developing a list of pre-qualified prospects is the key. But how does a company go about lead generation when budgets are tight, and prospects are not actively looking for new products and services?

Outbound Telemarketing Your Secret Sales Weapon

When you targeting higher sales, outbound telemarketing can be a great weapon for your company. You have many marketing strategies to choose from and, sometimes the tried and true options fall by the wayside. Very successful firms know what having more leads in the pipeline means to next quarter’s sales growth. Here is how to fill that pipeline.

How To Take Advantage of Telemarketing Sales Leads

Once you have a list of prospects from your telemarketing sales leads campaign, for many companies that’s just the beginning. Taking the prospect through the entire buying cycle is not typically a function of telemarketing but they can do much of the lead warming for your sales team.

Business to Business Telemarketing Magic

Want to create a little magic for your brand? We are big fans of Internet marketing but when is the last time an Internet advertisement asked your prospects how they were doing? Can your website really hear when your prospects are ready to make a buying decision? You already know that a personal phone call is a better way to engage with potential clients and a properly managed telemarketing effort makes your voice heard above the marketing chatter.

Appointment Setting Tips and Tricks

When it comes to appointment setting on the phone, the challenge is not to be an unwelcome pest, but rather a welcome guest. By incorporating telemarketing into your sales cycle, you’re opening the doors to a whole new funnel of prospective clients. Here are a few tips and tricks to help ensure that your telemarketing effort improves.

The Truth about Call Center Outsourcing

Your brand is always being evaluated both online and offline. Whether it is a quick email to confirm an appointment, or the parting words after generating the lead of a lifetime, communication is everything. When your customers are at one end of the phone line, your company needs competent professionals at the other end. However, not every company has the time or resources available to ensure that this need is fully met. Few things stall a company’s forward motion more quickly than lackluster communication efforts, so it’s important to get this right.