Appointment Setting Tips and Tricks

telemarketing outsourcingIn a world filled with electronic communication, a phone call can be a welcome change. The challenge lies in not being an unwelcome pest, but rather a welcome guest who is adding value.

By incorporating telemarketing into your sales cycle, you’re opening the doors to a whole new crop of prospective clients. But to move those clients from leads to sales, you need to use the conversation for appointment setting. Appointment setting is an activity that leads to a busy schedule and a dazzling sales report.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help ensure that your telemarketing effort improves:

  • Establish a connection: Find a common ground with the business or individual at the other end of the line. In the days of auto-dialed lists of phone numbers, it’s important to know who you’re calling. Did a mutual business associate refer you? Do you have a client in the same industry whose success story you can share? You have mere moments to establish a rapport, but a little effort can go a long way. Once the connection has been established, it will be easier to suggest to your prospective client that the conversation ought to continue during a follow-up appointment.
  • Find the pain point: “Pain point” is a buzzword, and with good reason. Every mega-corporation, mom-and-pop shop and individual faces a unique set of obstacles, and tremendous business opportunities await those who can identify and overcome those obstacles. Prospective clients are wary of the hard sell, but may be more open to your company’s offer to relieve their pain point. If your product or service can help address a prospective client’s needs, let them know—then set an appointment to further discuss the possibilities.
  • Create motivation: Why would your prospective client benefit from an appointment with your company? If you can’t answer this question clearly, don’t expect the client to, either. You know that appointment setting can lead to a sale, but it’s also important to ensure that your telemarketing team understands what an appointment can mean for a prospective client. Give the client a reason to continue the relationship you’ve established by stating a clear value proposition.
  • The perks of telemarketing: As the sales adage goes, “ABC: Always Be Closing.” The conversational style inherent in telemarketing allows call center staff to introduce the idea of an appointment at an appropriate time in the call, reference the benefits of an appointment throughout the call, and wrap up the conversation with an explicit request to set an appointment. By infusing the closing tactic throughout the conversation, a prospective client is more likely to be informed, engaged, and eager for more discussion.
  • Ask: If you don’t ask, you’re never going to hear “yes.” Don’t expect a prospective client to set an appointment on their own. Have a calendar ready, and set an appointment date and time. There’s no better move a lead forward than setting the next step.

If your firm is looking for higher sales and needs help with appointment setting, simply request a telemarketing opportunity review.